Welcome To America

As a mother of three, sometimes I struggle to explain the world to my kids. The events of this weekend have me wanting to hide my sweet babies from the world. I don’t want their innocence shattered by the hate that took to the streets yesterday. And yet, how can they live in this country if they don’t know the truth? My daughter overheard my husband and I talking about Charlottesville and asked us what we were talking about. I told her it was grown up talk, but I know I can’t hide the truth from her forever. I’ve been sitting here, painfully contemplating how to explain it to them.

I often work through things like this by writing. This poem came to me. I don’t know if I will show it to the kids or not. But it reflects so strongly what I am feeling today. I suspect a lot of parents out there are also struggling to articulate what is happening in our nation to their kids. I thought that I’d share it with you. I love this country. I pray that we can stand together to overcome hate.

Welcome to America, Child.

The Land of Free.

The Home of the Brave.

This Land was Made for you and me

So full of promise,

So often under delivering.

A land built on the backs of slaves

And torn from the hands of the Native Americans.

A land founded on the promise of freedom

A nation born declaring that we all have unalienable rights

Of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our founding fathers decreed

That we were all created equal.

And yet people are dying in the streets

Trying to protect equal rights.

Welcome to America, Child.

A land with so much beauty,

So much promise

So many wonderful ideas and good people.

And yet a devastating shadow hangs over our nation.

One we can’t seem to shake.

Welcome to America, Child.

A nation reliving the ghosts of wars already fought.

Where Nazis and the KKK have come out of the shadows

And taken to the streets

To declare that only white men

Deserve rights.

Welcome to America, Child.

A land ready to fight back

A land ready to shout from the mountain tops

That the darkness won’t overtake our nation.

Do you hear it, Child?

Do you hear the outrage?

Do you hear us crying, Child?

We’re screaming that bigotry has no place here.

That hate is not a value we hold dear.

Welcome to America, Child.

Where so many are ready fight for your future.

A land that won’t let the darkness take over the light.

Join us in America, Child.

We’re not going down without a fight.




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