Art and Working with an Illustrator


It’s been a really interesting process to work with an illustrator. I had this vision in my head of what Nellie and her family looked like. It’s been really fun to work with an artist, Elie Dagher, to bring them all to life.

The first character we brought to life was Nellie.

After a few rough sketches, we’d found her.


I have to say, this was one of the most exciting parts of this process for me. Nellie came out of my mind and onto the screen.

There was also similar work done with other characters- here are early sketches of Niles. 

Here are some sketches of Niles and Nellie’s parents, Fox and Annie.

And an early draft of the cover.



And here it is, just about finished! Seeing this just makes it all so real. My book will truly be ready soon.


And a few of the illustrations from the book.

I mean, lunch with Amelia Earhart?! How cool is that?!!


I can’t wait to share this book with you all!

Coming Soon, “Nellie Nova Takes Flight.”

Nellie Nova Takes Flight by Stephenie Peterson

Can I just say how excited I am right now?

I have been working on my first book, “Nellie Nova Takes Flight” for over a year. Writing a book when you are homeschooling kids with special medical needs can be difficult to say the least. But I did it, and it will be available for purchase soon!

Let me tell you a little about the book!

“Nellie Nova Takes Flight” is the first book in the Nellie Nova series.
Nellie appears to be a normal nine year old girl. But Nellie is not normal. Nellie is an amazingly gifted scientist who lives in a family of amazingly gifted scientists. One day, her brother, Niles, who is eleven, teases her (as all respectable big brothers do.) This time, however, Niles goes too far when he tells Nellie that girls are silly and no woman has ever changed the world. This sets off a spark of an idea in Nellie’s most amazing mind and sends her down the path to create a time machine and meet wonderful women who made a mark on the world. First stop, Amelia Earhart! With a few bumps along the way and a government agency out to steal her technology, Nellie and Niles are in for an incredible adventure!

Government Agents Are After Nellie Nova's Technology!

All of the wonderful artwork created for “Nellie Nova Takes Flight” was made by Elie Dagher.

I can’t wait to share more about my book!

Thanks for reading!