Coming Soon

I have two new books coming out this spring! They are both chapter books for kids in 1st-3rd grade.

The first is called Toby: The (Mostly) True Story of a Former Bad Dog. This silly book is great for kids just starting to read chapter books by themselves.

Toby might have accidentally put a ham under his owner’s pillow. And caused a small revolution at the vet. Then there was that whole dog-napping incident. But he can explain. It’s all the cat’s fault.

The second book is called The Day the Librarian Saved the Galaxy. It’s a fast, fun read written at about a second-grade reading level.

Two elementary students and an elderly librarian must save the galaxy when smelly aliens from Planet Wart invade Orchard Grove Elementary School with plans to steal mysterious goo from the cafeteria and use it to spaghettify the Milky Way.

Both books are illustrated by Godze Eyce. Be on the lookout for updates with pre-sale links.