I am the author of  the Nellie Nova series and Grace’s Ghosts, which will be published 4/28/2020 by Immortal Works. Semi-nomadic, my family and I currently live near Raleigh, North Carolina. My kids are Texans at heart (Hi, McKinney!) and my husband and I grew up just outside of Seattle (What up, Port Orchard?!) I write, teach creative writing, and homeschool my three amazing kids. My kids are incredibly strong and live every day with Epilepsy, Asperger’s, and life threatening food allergies.

Fueled by lots and lots of coffee, I try my best to keep up with teaching my kids, writing, taking my kiddos to all too many doctor’s appointments, and hauling my daughter to every dance class she can find.

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I am so glad that you found my page. I love meeting new people, so please feel free to contact me with any questions about writing, homeschooling or special needs parenting- or anything else.

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