A Creative, Educational, and Reflective Journal for Kids

My Year of Homeschool is so much more than a journal!

Find it here in paperback and here for a printable pdf.

What is it?

This journal is a record of your child’s homeschool year. With over 300 pages of space for your child to reflect and create, they’ll have space for family memories, space to practice academic skills, and a unique space to track their year.

This book has pages for journaling, science experiments, reading logs, creating art, and more. There are sections to reflect on each season, save family recipes, and store childhood photos. Your child will have the chance to create a one-of-kind book about their life.

When the year is finished, your child will have a beautiful record of all of the wonderful things that happened as the months passed. This journal not only provides a place to record your school year, but also a space to remember all the little moments that make up childhood. This homeschool journal will be a keepsake your family can enjoy for years.

This homeschool journal is filled with almost 300 pages of activities! The list below is just the tip of the iceberg!

What’s inside?

About Me

This section allows a child to reflect on who they are, their likes and dislikes, and how they grow and change throughout the school year.


These sections are filled with fun prompts for each season of the year. All four seasons have pages to record holidays, special events, and favorite family recipes. There are pages to create a poem for each season, too!

Language Arts

This section of the homeschool journal includes a reading log, space to practice spelling words, writing prompts, and more!


This section lets kids log their science experiments, record thoughts on documentaries, and more!


Love it or hate it, math’s a big part of homeschooling! This section lets kids think about how they use math in their everyday life, how math is used in art, and gives them space to practice their math facts.

Social Studies

Kids can keep a record of current events, keep track of cool places they learned about in geography, and track historical events. There are also pages for documentaries, cultural studies, and so much more!


In the art section, kids will have the chance to make their own creations! In addition, they’ll have space to share about the artists and works of art they’re learning about at home.

Field Trips

Field trips can be such an important part of home education! Make the most out of your field trips with fun field trip log sheets.

Some FAQs

Q: What ages is this homeschool journal for?

A: I tried to make it accessible to a wide age range. Many of the activities give kids the option to write or draw. It could be used by most elementary students, but younger kids may need parents to help them.

Q: Does it include religious content?
A: It’s secular. Religion is not mentioned in this journal.

Q: Can my children share a journal?
A: While you may be able to assign some pages to each child, it was written for one child. I’d recommend one book for each child.

Q: Is it a curriculum?
A: No. While there are educational pages, this homeschool journal an educational supplement, not a curriculum.

Q: Does this work for unschoolers?
A: This could work for a lot of unschoolers or relaxed homeschoolers. It’s a great way to track all of the fun learning that happens naturally at home.

Q: Can it be used by my co-op?
A: Yes. For bulk purchases or to buy digital group rights, please email help@stepheniepeterson.com