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If you are not sure if you are ready to check out “Nellie Nova Takes Flight,” check out these reviews!

“My 7-year-old daughter and I just finished reading Nellie Nova Takes Flight, and it has quickly moved to the top of our list of favorite books! Nellie is a bright, adventurous, and quirky kid, and she is the perfect heroine for this generation of young readers to look up to. As a mom, I love how the book details Nellie’s thought processes and teaches kids how to think things through from a technical and imaginative angle. The writing is fun and creative, and the exciting story line makes for a quick read. The characters are unique and lovable, and we can’t wait to see where Nellie goes next! “- Amazon Reviewer PGP

“As a female scientist and engineer, I love Nellie Nova. I am so glad that I will be able to share Nellie’s story with my own daughter, now in preschool, once she’s a bit older. I can only hope that by that time there will be lots more in the series! Not only is Nellie an avid learner and seemingly fearless, but she’s creative, hardworking, compassionate, and determined. The author has provided a wonderful role model for young girls in a well-written, engaging, action-packed story. The fact that the author imparts historical knowledge seamlessly woven into her tale is an added bonus that makes it even easier to recommend this already fantastic book.” – Amazon Reviewer MKS

“Nellie Nova Takes Flight, Book One in the Nellie Nova series by Stephenie Peterson, is a sweet middle grade adventure with beatific family values, a strong female character, and fun science fiction adventure.

Nellie is a brave character who works hard to follow her passions and has the cooperative support of a wonderful family. Because they homeschool, Nellie has all day to work on her time machine. The fact that they homeschool is simply presented as normal, as a non-issue, just as it is a non-issue that Nellie is at least as smart as her brother. Nellie Nova Takes Flight sports a straight-forward feminist theme that all parents of little girls can get behind. Young readers will love meeting Amelia Earhart through Nellie. There is also plenty of adventure and science fiction with playful details that help young readers imagine Nellie’s time machine, which is first made out of a card-board box.

My six-year-old boy loved Nellie Nova Takes Flight and immediately started asking me about radar signals and time travel. Then he asked me to read it to him again! We will be on the look-out for the sequels.”– Amazon Reviewer Mrs. Mica

“Nellie Nova is such a fun book that my 8 year old daughter really enjoyed reading! She keeps asking me when the next book is coming out. I love being able to find books for her that profile female heroines without making them bossy brats. Nellie is a great role model and we are hoping there are more adventures coming!”– Amazon Reviewer AlexIs

“I love it! I am so glad somebody stepped up to write a novel with a strong female character as the lead. We need more of that for our young girls and even for boys to see that it is perfectly fine for females to be strong and intelligent. I also love the bits of education thrown in there so your kids are learning while enjoying the story. Thank you, Stephenie! I will type a more detailed review after I have had a chance to read it with my seven-year-old and have received her opinion on it.” – Amazon Reviewer TuTuDawn

“My 9 year old son’s first words when we finished reading Nellie Nova were: “I can’t wait until she writes a second one!” Nellie Nova Takes Flight was a unique and entertaining book. My son loved it for the adventure and I loved it for bringing a smart female protagonist into Children’s Literature without making it a “girls” book. The time travel theme and tone make it enjoyable for a wide audience and I heartily recommend it to others. My love doesn’t stop there. Most books out there for this age group tend to pit the children against the adults; be that the parents or the teachers. In this book the children share their struggles with their parents and they all work together to solve their problems.”– Amazon Reviewer Esperanza DuHamel

And- straight from a 10 year old reader, Nova Dunne:


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